OEDA does more than you would expect: januari 2018 update

OEDA does more than you would expect: januari 2018 update

Today I was at one of my Exadata customers for a (PL/)SQL performance tuning assignment. In the meantime there is a parallel project running for a new Exadata. So as you might know, the configuration for an Exadata starts with running the OEDA-tool. The latest version can always be found on My Oracle Support note 888828.1. At the moment of writing this blog, the latest one was January 2018 with patch number 27370068.

One of the things which caught our attention, and which I did not know, was that the OEDA does even more nowadays. This customer has already some exadata’s running so the network team knows what to do. I entered the dns and ntp servers in the first screen and …

First I was a little puzzled. So I tried some addresses and it turned out that the problem was limited to the 198.18.x.x  and 198.19.x.x range. What would be special about this range? Well, a quick googling brought up this wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reserved_IP_addresses#cite_note-9 And the mystery was solved!

There is on the page some more info about restricted networks, but apparently my customer’s network team is using a “reserved” network range. I think this will be an exciting time.

For the configuration there isn’t a real problem, but I wonder that installations using this OEDA also check this network ranges at installation time. I will update this post as soon as I know it.

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