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A warm welcome to exadata SL6-2

A warm welcome to exadata SL6-2

Last years Oracle Openworld, uncle Larry announced the sparc based exadata SL6-2, so this means that we have to give the sparc chips a warm welcome to the Exadata family.
During the conference I wrote 2 blogposts. You can find them here and here.

To recap, a little picture of the new one in the family:

Exadata SL6-2

Nowadays, we’re used to the big X for the exadata’s. This is for the x86 infrastructure they are running on. So SL stands for “Sparc Linux”. You should follow the Oracle guys on twitter as well, then you see this product (Linux for sparc) is growing very rapidly. One of the questions which pop into the mind directly, which endianness is this using? Well, linux on sparc is using big endian as the sparc chip itself is big endian.

So in my blog posts I was eagerly looking forward to the spec-sheet and here it is!

A shameless copy out of the datasheet:
“The Exadata SL6 Database Machine uses powerful database servers, each with two 32-core SPARC M7 processors and 256 GB of memory (expandable up to 1TB)”

According Gurmeet Goindi’s blog (@exadatapm) it comes at the same cost as the intel based variant. You can read his blog here:

Exadata SL6-2 hardware specifications

Look what’s there! In stead of 2 QDR ports, we now have 4. And also the elastic configs remain. Also remarkable is that the storage cell’s remain on Intel based architecture.
This looks interesting as well (same as the X6-2 trusted partitions):

Exadata SL6-2 mgmt features


On this moment (or I have read over it) I can’t see yet how virtualisation will be done, so if someone has info about this, I will be happy to hear this. I heard several rumours about this, but I am eager to find out what it’s going to be!

One question remains … when will I be able to find a customer who buys it and let me explore this to the bottom 🙂


As always, questions, remarks? find me on twitter @vanpupi




Welcome Exadata SL6-2!

Welcome Exadata SL6-2!

EDIT: a new entry about this Exadata SL6-2 launch can be found here!

During a session of Juan Loaiza with the lovely title “Oracle exadata: what’s new and what’s coming” suddenly following slide popped up.



So it looks like this is really going to happen. In the session no exact timings were given, but I’m awaiting this system to play with.

Basically I think this will be useful to migrate current solaris / sparc users to exadata. I’m a bit sceptic about these extreme performance numbers, but hey … if it’s launched, i’ll be happy to test it.

To be continued!

Exadata on sparc: sl6-2

Exadata on sparc: sl6-2

EDIT: a new entry about this Exadata SL6-2 launch can be found here!

Yesterday while walking to Larry’s keynote  on Oracle OpenWorld 2016, all people had to pass the engineered systems.


Curious as I am, and fed by lots of rumors I wanted to have a look at them. And indeed, there was one “new” one standing.

the nice thing is that you just can talk to the guys and this extremely friendly guy told me “this one is being announced on Tuesday”. It’s all about the exadata sl6-2. You’d think, ok another exadata, but this one is a bit special. The compute nodes are sparc t7 based and they run Linux on sparc. The nice thing they have 2ib cards and thus potentially 160gb/s available. Sounds something nice to test 🙂

Storage cells are still Intel, but who knows what’s going to come. I had the chance to play with it a very short bit and it’s really running Linux on sparc, ofcourse it’s just exploring and it should be available around December and the virtualized version was to be expected around May 2017. Anyhow, I ‘ll be attending the keynote (so that’s why Larry will do a second one 🙂 ) and then we’ll hopefully know more.


What I know now is that it will come in same elastic configurations as the current Intel based exadata’s

Anyhow … To be continued!